Wednesday, January 26, 2011

They're Painting the Donuts White....

flipped donut

Imagine, if you will, a daycare full of small toddlers. It’s snack time. The teacher opens up a bag of innocent looking powdered donuts that a mother has brought in. The teacher gingerly places a mini donut on a napkin in front of each child seated at the little table. The kids eagerly dig into their delicious powdered donut covered with titanium dioxide.

Yes, it’s true, some powdered donuts are covered with titanium dioxide, the same ingredient used to make white artists paint, commonly known as titanium white. (If you’ve ever watched Bob Ross make happy little clouds, you know that he used titanium white paint.)

I discovered that they use titanium dioxide in food several months ago, and I was appalled. Do they really think the average consumer is going to pick one powdered donut over another because it’s whiter? Seriously?

The above day care scenario popped into my head, and I immediately thought, oh my God, we are poisoning our children.

Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring substance. They mine for it. Rocks are a naturally occurring substance as well, but we don’t feed rocks to our children.

Apparently titanium dioxide has been approved to consume. However, it has proven to be a carcinogenic (causes cancer) if inhaled. (nice)

Here’s something to chew on…. every time your child (or you) opens up a bag of powdered donuts covered with titanium dioxide and a puff of the powdered sugar comes wafting out of the bag becoming air born, then is it cancerous?

I assume, since it is air born, that would be YES… so what makes it safe to put in food then?

Titanium dioxide is found in pretty much everything we buy, from food, to makeup, sunscreen, and even toothpaste… oh yeah and other stuff like paint and plastic.

After my bout with breast cancer, I can assure you that I am steering clear of anything that contains titanium dioxide.

Titanium dioxide accounts for roughly 70 percent of the pigment used commercially on a global scale,*

Food manufactures (and the powers that be) think that a little bit is safe, that the amount put in the powdered donut couldn’t hurt a fly, but think about this… it’s not just the donut, it’s the other stuff, the candy, cake mixes, makeup, toothpaste, deodorant… you get the idea. One a daily basis you are exposed to titanium dioxide possibly 100 times a day.

So, what is the average person to do?


Simply read the ingredient list, and if it contains titanium dioxide, then don’t buy it.

I just don’t need titanium dioxide in my life… unless I’m painting happy little clouds.

TITANIUM DIOXIDE: to eat or not to eatI’d say NOT EAT!


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